The end of the year in the photo booth industry means one thing… Festive events!

And the last few months are packed with them:

  • Halloween 🎃
  • Thanksgiving 🦃
  • Year-End Functions 🎉
  • Office Christmas parties 🎄
  • Hanukkah 🕎
  • Kwanzaa 🔴⚫️🟢
  • New Year’s Eve 🍾

… this on top of all the usual weddings, birthday parties, and brand activations!

With all those event bookings, the last thing you want to do is stress about customizing your events so that they are branded according to the theme. So why not let Snappic help you take care of that?

We have several customizable options so that your booth matches whatever theme your event has. These are super easy to set up and will spice up your booth experience!

Your customers will be coming back for more once they see how awesome your photo booth is set up for the festive season… So let’s set up your event!

Here are 10 ways to easily customize your photo booth event with Snappic:

1. Attract Screens

Add flair to your booth with an eye-catching Attract Screen. This is the screen on the iPad/iPhone that plays when your booth isn’t active. Personalize this screen to go with your event so that it attracts guests to your booth.

For example, if you’re setting up a Christmas booth at your local mall, you can use a flashy festive attract screen to get guests curious to approach your booth. 

Your attract screen can also have instructions to let your guests know how to interact with the booth. So the screen could say “Tap to start” to let them know they need to tap one of the experience buttons to start.

If you want to keep things simple, you could also just use a logo or still image as your attract screen.

2. Buttons

Another great way to liven up your attract screen is to add some custom experience buttons. These can also be static or animated. 

When it comes to holiday-themed custom buttons, the possibilities are endless!

You can use iconic Christmas icons such as ornaments, gifts, mistletoes, cookies, stockings, snowmen, etc. Similarly, you can create beautiful buttons for Hanukkah using a dreidel, the star of David, a menorah, jelly-filled donuts, etc.

3. Custom Template Overlays

While festive attract screens and charming buttons will draw people towards your booth, it’s the template overlays on their photos and videos that will make them cherish the memories forever!

You can create custom designs according to your template dimensions that will go over any media at your event. These include templates for stills, GIFs, bursts or videos.

These template overlays can also be either static or animated.

Overlays are a great way to add a pop of color to your event. You can incorporate red, green, and black into your overlay for a Kwanzaa event. Green, black, and gold will add a touch of class to New Year designs. A splash of color isn’t the only element that can give your overlay an edge. Add celebratory symbols such as fireworks, glasses, and a champagne bottle to clarify your theme.

Lastly, add some movement with animated overlays. You can either have words such as “Happy Kwanzaa” appear on your GIF or Burst or have elements such as your symbols appear.

All you need is some design skills and your imagination. If you don’t have a designer or design skills, you can reach out to any of our design partners to help you out.

4. Microsites

A microsite is an online gallery where guests can view and download their photos, GIFs, bursts, and videos from your event. 

Snappic offers several different Microsite templates that you can change and customize to suit your theme. You can change the following:

  • Background
  • Logo
  • Colors
  • Text
  • Font

If you know a bit of coding, you can also use CSS to customize your microsite elements, such as your GIF and Photo, change your sharing button colors and gallery button, change your logo size, etc.

Let your imagination run wild with your Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, and New Year designs!

5. Emails

Guests receive an email when they choose this as their sharing option at the booth. This email template can also be customized to your theme, similar to the microsite. Snappic offers you four email templates that you can use. 

You can sprinkle some holiday cheer into the email that your guest receives by adding a banner or two. You can create a header banner that contains the words “Happy Hanukkah” and a footer banner with some festive imagery or a festive message. 

Add the finishing touch to your design by changing the text content and color.

6. Digital Props

What is a photo booth without props? Snappic makes it even easier for you this holiday season with themed digital props. These are all the rage thanks to apps like Snapchat and Instagram. 

Guests can swipe through a wide variety of digital props on the screen and choose their favourite. This is great for when you don’t want to lug around physical props at your event, and also costs way less!

Our exciting library of digital props will add something special to your photos. Guests can have fun with a wide range of options. Some ideas include:

  • Holiday-themed hats such as a Santa hat or fedora
  • Funny holiday-themed glasses, such as champagne glasses for New Year
  • Various holiday-themed masks, such as a Santa mask
  • Christmas and Hanukkah beards
  • Elf ears or reindeer antlers
  • Speech Bubbles such as “Happy Kwanzaa.”
  • Fun phrases such as “I love you a Latka.”

Have your own prop ideas? Then simply create your custom digital props and upload them to Snappic!

7. Physical Props

Do your guests maybe prefer physical props? No problem! Sometimes putting on silly hats and glasses in person is a lot of fun at the booth. People take their time to pick and choose their favourites, and will have a blast at your booth regardless. 

There are so many props that you can purchase to make your booth extra festive! Why not get a few fun Christmas tree glasses? Or a couple of Santa hats for your guests to pop on. There are also some quirky themed signs you can get for your guests to hold up.

8. Competition

What makes the holiday season so unique? Family, friends, fun, and festivities! 

All of this combines for the perfect photo booth situation. And the one thing we all look forward to… the gifts! 

Bring the excitement of being a winner, and getting a gift, to your booth with Snappic’s Competition Mode. This feature is perfect for corporates that want to spread the holiday joy with prizes. Shopping malls, bars, and restaurants can entertain guests with a photo  or video booth while also allowing them to win shopping vouchers or products.

Competition mode offers you two exciting options. Guests can scratch a digital card or spin the wheel after sharing their session. Both competition modes can further be customized, by adding your own unique graphics, to bring your holiday theme to light. 

Get users excited about entering your competition with a striking holiday-themed background. Finish it off with an exciting winner’s image!

Other customizable elements include your scratch cover image, losing button, done button, and prize image.

9. Green Screen / AI Background removal

The holiday season means something different to all of us. Some might associate it with chilly snow days and sitting next to a warm fireplace. Others experience warm tropical island festivities under the hot summer sun.

No matter where you are, your photo booth experiences can reflect any season with Snappic’s green screen solutions.

We offer two options for your photo booth experience:

  • Physical Green Screen

If you have the space at your event, you can set up a physical green screen that your guests can stand in front of. Snappic will then remove the green from your image and replace it with whatever background you have uploaded on to the app.

  • AI Background Removal

If you’re constrained for space, or just prefer to travel light, then this option is for you. Snappic’s advanced AI Background Removal automatically detects the subjects in your image, and removes the background. You don’t require a physical green screen. All you need is a stable internet connection and BG Removal credits.

So what are the advantages of green screen? You can transport kids to the North Pole while they are sitting on Santa’s lap in a mall. You can even give your guests an experience they’ll never forget by putting them in Times Square for New Year Eve. Or keep it simple and add a solid background color, holiday backgrounds, or fireworks. It’ll definitely be a talking point for all your guests no matter what you choose!

10. Free assets from Snappic

The easiest way to theme your holiday events is to sign up for a Snappic account! Our photo booth software is the best in the industry, as we provide a reliable and user-friendly platform for you to run your business from. 

We also strive to make our user’s lives easier. Our attract screen and digital props libraries are full of awesome assets that you can implement at your event with just a click of a button. 

We also have an overlay library in our VideoFX builder where you can add cool effects such as snow falling and confetti to your videos.

We also offer our users exclusive free assets to use for all their events throughout the year. These awesome freebie packs include:

  • Overlay Templates in landscape, portrait, and square
  • GIF Templates
  • Digital Props
  • Attract screens
  • Buttons
  • Email and Microsite backgrounds

Have you set up your Christmas Photo Booth with Snappic yet? There are so many opportunities this December for great Xmas Photo Booth Rentals in your area… Approach office parties, malls for Santa activations or corporates for Christmas themed booths!

You don’t need magical elves to create the best holiday-themed events. Our easy-to-use and reliable features provide you with the ultimate photo booth experience. All you need is Snappic and some festive inspiration!

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